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I've been visiting Puerto Duquesa three or four times a year for the past 20 years and have seen the area change enormously in that time. Where once there were dirt tracks and open countryside, there are now two lane motorways and apartment complexes. And whilst the area has changed and grown dramatically, it has still retained its small town, or should that be 'small marina' feel, which keeps me, and thousands others, coming back year after year.

Since I am currently in the USA it is a slightly odd time to start a blog about Puerto Duquesa, but the reason for doing so is simple - I may actually have some time to write some stuff! Most of the things I'm going to write about are things I like doing in the area or places I like going. Clearly I am not going to be able to cover everything, but hopefully I can give you a taste of what makes this such a special place and give you some ideas for your next trip.

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Chris (chris@cdgsmith.com) (March 2007)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Puerto Duquesa beaches

The beaches in Puerto Duquesa are excellent and have been awarded the Blue Flag standard for cleanliness and amenities.

West of Puerto Duquesa

The beach to the West of Puerto Duquesa (by the old castle (Castillo)) is sheltered and is definitely a good choice if you have young children as the water does not shelve - become too deep - too quickly. There are sunloungers available to hire by the day and a chiringuito which serves fairly decent snacks and sea food (the swordfish is a personal favourite, but you have to like a good dose of garlic!). As with all the beaches in Puerto Duquesa, there are changing facilities, toilets, and showers to wash either yourself or just your feet, depending on how warm the water was. Lifeguards patrol the beach during the summer months.

East of Puerto Duquesa

The beach to the East of Puerto Duquesa, accessed through the car park, is a longer, more open stretch of sand which tends to get larger waves when the wind kicks up. It also shelves a lot more quickly and is probably better suited to adults and older children. Again, there is chiringuito, toilets, changing facilities and showers, and a lifeguard during the summer, but no sunloungers. During high-season you can hire pedaloes and head out into the sea - brilliant fun, but remember to wear sun protection or you will get frazzled. Costs about 10 euros for 2 hours from memory. If you fancy a stroll, you can walk all the way along to Sabinillas (a neighbouring town) along the beach front.

The sea wall

You can get an excellent view of Puerto Duquesa's beaches from the sea wall, which is well worth the walk. Lots of people fish off here and do seem to catch...erm...fish, but the best thing I've ever caught was a half tonne of seaweed. In the winter, the waves can really kick up and come crashing over the sea wall (quite a sight).

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