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I've been visiting Puerto Duquesa three or four times a year for the past 20 years and have seen the area change enormously in that time. Where once there were dirt tracks and open countryside, there are now two lane motorways and apartment complexes. And whilst the area has changed and grown dramatically, it has still retained its small town, or should that be 'small marina' feel, which keeps me, and thousands others, coming back year after year.

Since I am currently in the USA it is a slightly odd time to start a blog about Puerto Duquesa, but the reason for doing so is simple - I may actually have some time to write some stuff! Most of the things I'm going to write about are things I like doing in the area or places I like going. Clearly I am not going to be able to cover everything, but hopefully I can give you a taste of what makes this such a special place and give you some ideas for your next trip.

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Chris (chris@cdgsmith.com) (March 2007)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Actually, it is a plane!

I found the video below on YouTube. It's of a specially equipped plane, which the authorities in Spain use to douse large forest fires, flying over the coast line at Puerto Duquesa and filling its tanks with water. These are really incredible machines as they have the power and manoueverability to literally scoop water up from the sea, fly to the site of the fire and then dump the water. If you see one on your travels, you'll probably also be able to see some smoke somewhere in the distance.

Many years ago I also saw a helicopter hover over the lake at the La Duquesa Golf & Country Club and pick up water. Given the greater quantities of water than these planes can carry, I think the helicopters are now obsolete near the coast.

I should add that, generally speaking, Puerto Duquesa is relatively well protected from forest fires by the golf course and that the authorities in Spain, in the years when there have been fires in the surrounding areas, have dealt with them quickly and efficiently. In fact, on one occasion back in 1991, we were in the marina having dinner at the Macues and all we could hear was sirens and loud explosions (rocks exploding in the heat)...but all worked out just fine.

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